Monday, October 15, 2012

Discussion: In Which My Daughter Makes Me a Proud Gamer Dad

My six-year old daughter's current obsession is with the game Dungeon Fighter. She calls it "the Party Game", because we are an adventuring party. Anyhow, the game is still relatively new to us and we are not good at it. We've been playing on the easy level and have not ventured on a higher difficulty yet. My daughter plays Lady Mary and will almost always use her no-damage-on-a-miss die in hopes of getting the special so that her constant misses cause her no damage.

Anyhow, we've played it a half-dozen times and made it to the end boss once with no white dice and were thoroughly stomped.

But last night, we made it to the end boss with a small handful of white dice. Using my weapon, I lowered myself below the table level and tossed the die blindly and got this on our first attack against the big bad guy:

So, it was our first win and one by (literally) blind luck.

But as soon as the die landed and we won, my daughter let out a cheer and said the one thing that would make any gamer parent proud; she immediately cheered and said:

"Yay! Now we can play on a harder level!"

That's my girl.

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